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l July-August '04 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 4, No 4 l


Arafat's final ultimatum

Gary Fitleberg

The “Quartet” consisting of the U.S., U.N., EU and Russia is singing the same tune called “Ultimatum” as they once again have told Yasser Arafat to reform his Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO) security services or risk losing international support.

“Arafat must reduce his dozen or so security forces to three, change all corrupt security bosses, change the interior minister and empower the prime minister,” a Western diplomat told Reuters as representatives of the United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia met in Jerusalem. “Everybody now is sick and tired of empty talk, and there is total disillusion with the Palestinian Authority,” the diplomat said.

Famous last words. Sick and tired of empty talk? Be real. Give us a break.

Why did it take this long to reach disillusionment?

What will be constructively done with this disillusionment?

How will Arafat do this when he is the boss and corrupt dictator, otherwise known as the “Chairman of Terror” of a complex organization with his PA/PL O Fatah-led various terrorist subsidiaries and sister organizations.

Why will he listen now when for his entire career he has been getting away with murder (both figuratively and literally)?

The four meddling mediators make up the “Quartet” overseeing the alleged “Road Map” proposed peace plan. The group also has accused Israel of “poor faith” for failing to dismantle all “illegal settlement outposts” in the disputed territories of Gaza, Judea & Samaria (wrongly called “West Bank” by most of the world today) belonging to Israel biblically, historically, legally and politically.

Much media hype is made about the issue of “illegal settlement outposts” when in fact most of the Arabs living in Israel who reside there today came there from their own native nations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria during the 1920’s for economic and political reasons. Hence they are actually refugees from their homelands and they are the ones living in “illegal settlement outposts” which became especially overpopulated during the “occupation” by Egypt and Jordan for nineteen years from 1948-1967.

Further more, Jews have a biblical “right of return” to the G-d given Holy Land, Promised Land or Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) which is clearly stated in the Holy Books of all three monotheistic religions Judaism, Christian ity and Islam – the Old Testament (also known as the Bible, Chumash, Five Books of Moses, Pentateuch, or Torah), New Testament (combined with the “Old” original one also called Bible by Christians) and Holy Koran (the last one on the list of the trilogy).

Arab “Jews” (the original “Palestinians’) also have a “right of return” to their ancient biblical homelands and other places they have lived for thousands of years such as Iran and Iraq and all the others that expelled them forcibly under circumstances and conditions that were deplorable.

All those Arab "Jews" expelled from the 22 Arab/Islamist nations also have a “right of return” to either their G-d given ancient biblical land of Israel or those places they lived prior to the “Forgotten Exodus” of 1948 when they were absorbed by the modern state of Israel - unlike the refugee problem created by Arab “Arabs” for Arab “Arabs” in which they failed to absorb
their brethren and cousins than blame Israel for the problem.

We hear and see much media political propaganda about “right of return” but never ever in the proper biblical and historical factually honest context.

Let’s be completely honest with facts and truth. Let’s not hide them with lies, myths, and political propaganda ploys.

Arafat has faced ultimatums before and largely has ignored all if not most of them successfully because the international community’s bark is largely bigger than its bite.

If the “Quartet” is very serious and truthful about this ultimatum, it will impose diplomatic, economic, and political sanctions on Arafat, the PA/PLO (Fatah led terrorist subsidiaries Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Force 17, Tanzim et. al. misnamed militias or “security forces”) as well as the sister terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. In order to win the international “War on Terror” the “Quartet” must send a very clear message that it is completely against terrorism and show its support for its only true blue ally in the Middle East neighborhood of corrupt dictatorships, repressive ruthless regimes, and tyrannies.

That means fighting terrorism on the frontlines – Israel.

That means saying no to the likes of alleged allies, Saudi Arabia (the birthplace and cradle of extremist fanatical fundamentalism and perhaps the biggest state-supporter of terrorism), Jordan and Egypt (America's allies and Israel's peace partners?) as well as those who may or may not be allies such as Syria-Lebanon, Iran (two of the next biggest state-supporters of terrorism), Iraq, Yemen, Libya et.al. That means not allowing oil $$$ to grease the wheels of terrorism. That means not allowing terrorism anywhere anytime period.

The U.S. can set an example by actually enforcing the “Arafat Accountability Act” which was passed by a bi-partisan Congress and formally signed into legislation by President George W. Bush. Actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to have a law on the books. But quite another to read and use the books when appropriately necessary.

Empty ultimatums only perpetuate the problem forever rather than resolve the “War on Terrorism” efficiently, productively and quickly. Veiled threats are ignored completely and not taken as serious threats in the Arab/Islamist Middle East neighbourhood.

The “Quartet” must sing a new song and tune and dance a different dance if its message is to be taken seriously in the America-led “War on Terrorism” internationally. If the world wants to truly preserve Western civilization it must act now to support the only beacon of democracy and freedom in the entire Middle East neighbourhood – ISRAEL – against all of Arab/Islamist the
corrupt dictatorships, ruthless repressive regimes, and tyrannies.

The “Quartet” has a vested interest in preserving Israel for its own safety and security. The sooner the international community begins to act in a completely honest, intelligent and moral manner the better off the entire world will be from now on.

This is a message for the “Quartet” and the rest of the international crew. Here is an obvious clue. A conclusion with Arafat and his PA/PLO is long overdue.


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