SKARDU: Baltistan Students Federation’s services for the subjugated people of the region in attaining their basic rights during the last 23 years have been historic and praiseworthy. BSF has also created political awakening among the people of the region besides providing a platform for the nationalist parties of Gilgit-Baltistan.This was stated by Chairman Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement (GBUM) Manzoor Hussain Parwana while addressing the central convention of BSF here.

He said the leadership of BNF, GBDA and GBUM had earlier worked in the platform of the BSF. He said some elements were out to harass the students of Baltistan and keep them away from their efforts to achieve national rights.He advised the students not to give an ear to such elements because remaining slaves does not suit the sons of Ali Sher Achan, adding the day was not far when the youth of the region would be in the forefront of the struggle for independence by following in the footsteps of Ali Sher Achan.Mr Parwana said the BSF was a students’ body which did not believe in ethnicity, sectarianism and prejudice.

He said those who at the behest of security agencies were trying to push the students towards ethnic and regional prejudices would never succeed in their designs. He expressed the hope that the BSF leadership would foil all such conspiracies through judicious decisions.

He said under a conspiracy, the students of the region were being kept away from their culture, language and tradition. In this regard, he added, the politicians and intellectuals of the region were also responsible in one way or the other. He said our politicians have been boasting that they have got the region’s succession with Pakistan but they do not tell the masses if the area had ever acceded to Pakistan who was responsible for taking this decision, where and when such an agreement was signed and with whom.

If there exists such an agreement then why we have no representation in parliament of Pakistan, why the name of Gilgit-Baltistan is not mentioned in the constitution of Pakistan, why Pakistan considers Gilgit-Baltistan a disputed region and why the Supreme Court of Pakistan considers the area part of Kashmir?

He said Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) was about to bring a resolution calling for accession of the region with Pakistan. If such a resolution is tabled and passed by the house it would be the last knell in the coffin of our slavery, he warned, asking the people to be ready for foiling such a step.

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