Following is the test read out by Governor’s adviser Dr S S Bloeria and SASS convenor Leela Karan Sharma during a joint press conference soon after the forth round of talks concluded during the wee hours here today.

Text read out by Dr S S Bloeria

a) The state government shall set aside for the use by SASB exclusively the land in Baltal and Domail (compartment No 63-S Sindh forest division) comprising an area of 800 kanals traditionally under use for the annual Yatra purposes.

b) The propriety status /ownership/title of the land shall not undergo any change.

c) The board shall use the aforesaid land for the duration of the Yatra including the period of making the required arrangements and winding up of the same for the purpose of user by various service providers according to its needs and priorities.

d) The aforesaid land shall be used according to the board’s requirements from time to time including the following:

i) Raising of temporary pre fabricated accommodation and toilet facilities by the board
ii) Establishment of tented accommodation by private camping agencies (locals, permanent residents of the state)
iii) Setting up of the shops by shopkeepers (Locals, permanent residents of the state)
iv) Facilities for pony owners and pithu walas.

v) Provision of health care and medical facilities
vi) Setting up of free Langers by private persons and groups which are licensed by the board
vii) Facilities of helicopter operations/parking of vehicles.
viii) Arrangements of security by local police/para military forces and other security agencies as per the arrangements in place hereto fore and
x) Undertaking taking measures relating to soil conservation, land protection and preservation of ecology. It has further been agreed that the board shall continue to function for the over all Yatra arrangements for the pilgrims on all routes during the period of Yatra by the Shree Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) as mandated by the provisions Amarnath act 200 AD

Text read out by SAYSS Convener Leela Karan Sharma

Apart from the above the committee set up by the Samiti during the course of discussion projected 14 point chatter of demands for consideration by the state government. The main demands are related to the withdrawal of criminal cases against various persons during the period of agitation provisions of compensation to the families of the deceased and to the injured and working out of appropriate package of financial assistance to the traders and transporters who suffer damages during the agitation period.

Suspension of Bandh and the same will be called off after the demand of suspension of SSP Kathua and enforcing the demands agreed in the agreement. Government has also agreed upon for setting up of a working group who will examine the losses to the traders and transporters in both the regions and will recommend for the appropriate action.

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