The West is blaming Russia for violating the International law. Was not the same West that helped Kosovo to declare independence from Serbia, even going against the mandate of the United Nations writes Swaraj Singh

Two very significant recent developments show that we may be approaching the very end of the Western domination. In Beijing Olympics, China has clearly showed that not only an Asian country can win more gold medals than any other country in the World but it also it can out spend any Western country as well as can present unparalleled spectacular shows. Jaqeous Rogge, the chairman of the International Olympics committee called these Olympics “exceptional”.

China spent 43 billion dollars, about three times the money spent on the Athens Olympics. The British have already announced that they cannot spend more than 9.3 pounds on the 2012 Olympics that is about one third of what China spent on the Beijing Olympics. It is estimated that more than 4 billion people watched these Olympics on the television. The number of people who watched the Olympics on the internet was thirty times more than the people who watched the Athens Olympics on the internet.

Many participants as well as visitors felt that the Chinese managed these Olympics extremely well and they were very helpful and polite. There were more than one hundred thousand volunteers helping the people. The Chinese had very difficult time choosing these volunteers from 1.2 million people who applied to become volunteers. These were all highly qualified people who were fluent in English.

At the same time when China was conducting this glorious Olympics, Russians gave one of the biggest blows to the Western domination. Georgia, one of the closest Western allies, was defeated by the Russians. This is not a defeat of Georgia but of the dominant West.

The West is blaming Russia for violating the International law. Was not the same West that helped Kosovo to declare independence from Serbia, even going against the mandate of the United Nations? Today when the Russians have paid it back with the same coin in Ossetia and Abkkezia, the Western criticism sounds hypocritical and the west is pursuing double standards.

When Russia was going through severe economic hardships and wanted help from the West, instead of helping it the West humiliated and taunted Russia. When Russia installed missiles in Cuba then the U.S. was very upset because the missiles were close to the borders but when the Russians are objecting to the installation of the American missiles in Poland, close to their border then America feels that Russia has no right to object.

Russia has said that it will 100% launch a nuclear attack on Poland if it goes ahead with the installations of the American missiles. However, President Bush and Condoleeza Rice tell us that the Russians do not mean that. What makes them so sure of that? What if Russia really lives up to its threat? Will America launch a nuclear attack on Russia? Russia is not Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The Japanese did not have a nuclear capability to retaliate but the Russians have more nuclear heads then America has. Are we forgetting the concept of M.A.D.? (Mutual Armed Destruction).

What is more important, Western arrogance or the survival of the planet and mankind? After all, out of many thousand centuries we only had two centuries of Western domination. I feel people of the World can happily live in a World that is neither dominated by the West nor by the East. A multi polar World where there is no domination by any one power center is the best solution.

Sawraj Singh, M.D. FICS is Chairman, Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman, Central Washington Collation for Social Justice

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