Is Indian Economy on the Right Track?

By Ashok Handoo Judging by what the Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee told the Economic Editors Conference in New Delhi recently, the Indian economy is gaining momentum by the day and is on track to achieve the pre- economic crisis status soon. He justified his statement by quoting statistics. He was confident that the economy […]

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The State Equilibrium of Pakistan

By Archen Baloch The patience of Punjabi military of Pakistan is wearing thin. The reasons are obvious:Pakistan has now become a bed ridden man and all its vital organs have ceased to function properly. But its inept PPP rulers are insisting that they can fix it with the help of foreign aids. Pakistani army has […]

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J&K: A Historical Perspective

Editors Note: October, 27, 1947 is an important day in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. It was on this day, Indian troops landed in Kashmir to counter the invasion perpetrated by Pakistan through its proxies. Following is an official account of the turn of events. History Jammu and Kashmir came into being as a […]

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“Pakistan has No Stand in J&K”

By Beersmans Paul Conclusions from the Study Tour to J&K from 24/June to 21/July 2010 by Beersmans Paul, President, Belgium Association for Solidarity with J&K.  A. J&K, as it was before partition in 1947, is at present under the rule of three countries:  (1) China: Aksai Chin and a territory of 5.180 km2 ceded by […]

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